This procedure is used to report a production incident on SEKOIA.IO and not to open a support request. If you encounter a bug or have a question, follow this procedure.


Before reporting an outage, a few simple checks and actions can help you troubleshoot the situation yourself or obtain information about the operational status of SEKOIA.IO.



Have a stable internet connexion with at least two different web browsers installed (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari).


In practice

The activities listed below should be performed in order, until the malfunction is resolved.

1. Perform a Neutral test


  • Ensure your internet connexion works by navigating on our website.
  • Log out and log in SEKOIA.IO again:
    1. From another web browser,
    2. Turn on the Private Browsing,
    3. If relevant, ensure your adblockers are not activated.


2. Check the current Status page

  • Go to the official SEKOIA.IO status page (https://status.sekoia.io/) and ensure an outage is not already identified
  • Otherwise the page should be displayed as follow:

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated


3. Declare an Outage with the Support web portal


  • Go to the official SEKOIA.IO support web portal dedicated to users tickets requests (https://support.sekoia.io/support/tickets/new). If you have an account, please log in.
  • Fil in the form with the following information:
    1. Requester: Your email
    2. Subject: “Declare a SEKOIA.IO Outage”
    3. Type: “Outage”
    4. Page: The affected page(s) by the outage
    5. Description:
      • Community name: The community affected by the outage
      • Was it working before: “Yes” or “No”
      • Use case: What were you trying to achieve when the outage occurred
      • How can we reproduce this behaviour: Small description of how the problem was identified
      • Links: example of URL(s) of impacted service(s)
      • Attach a file: Screenshot of the impact that can help our team investigate
  • Please find hereunder an example of what was expected: