Create new Tickets with the SEKOIA.IO support web portal with the appropriate level of details.


In practice

  • Go to the official SEKOIA.IO support web portal dedicated to users tickets requests ( If you have an account, please log inand click on  the "New Support Ticket" link.
  • Fill in the form with the following information, all of them are mandatory to perform a request:
    1. Requester: Your email. Click of "Add cc" to add people in copy of the request.
    2. Subject: The subject of your request
    3. Type: Choose one of the following criterias:
      • Outage, a specific procedure is available here.
      • Bug
      • Question
      • Improvement Request
      • Configuration Request
      • IoC Sharing
      • Other
    4. Page: The affected page(s) by the outage, with a pipeline of values to be seleted.
    5. Description: The most precise description of your need in order to be able to provide the appropriate level of support.
    6. Attach a file: Any file that can help us answering you, such as configuration files, screenshot, other document to be shared...

Template for a Bug

Thank you for reporting a bug to SEKOIA.IO.

Please remember that good bug reports should be clear and concise without any missing key points. Any lack of clarity leads to misunderstanding and slows down the development process as well.

The following form guides you reporting bugs to us:

  • Environment
    • Browser:
    • OS:
    • Community name:
    • URL on which the error took place:
  • How to Reproduce the Issue?
    • > Please write a **precise** list of steps on how to reproduce the issue. Please include URLs and all steps needed to reproduce the bug.
      • Step 1:
      • Step 2:
      • Step 3:
      • ...
  • Expected Result
    • > Tell us what *should* happens.
  • Actual Result
    • > Tell us what really happens. Feel free to include a screenshots, GIF or a MP4 video attached.
  • Extra information
    • > Please add any relevant information in this section.

Template for an Improvement Request

Please find bellow a template of request to be adapted:

  • Type of request
    • The request concerns (New component request / Improve an existing component):
  • Business context
    • SEKOIA.IO Community name:
    • Service (CTI / XDR / TIP):
  • What is the need?
    • > Describe the context of the need, why do you need this feature, and add a link through the page
  • What is the benefit it will bring?
    • > Describe the benefits of the change.

Template for an IoC Sharing

You can share your Indicators Of Compromise (IOCs) with SEKOIA.IO by using the form below. Please consider that any IOC shared with SEKOIA.IO will be handled under TLP:GREEN and integrated in our CTI database. Our IOCs are shared with all of our SEKOIA.IO customers. 

Tick the relevant boxes in each section, like: [X]. 

  • Threat Type:

[ ] DDoS

[ ] Phishing

[ ] Malware

[ ] Cryptojacking

[ ] Ransomware

[ ] Other


  • IOC Type:

[ ] IP

[ ] IP:port

[ ] Domain

[ ] URL

[ ] Hash (MD5)

[ ] Hash (SHA1)

[ ] Hash (SHA256)

[ ] Sender email address

[ ] Other


  • Confidence

[ ] High 

[ ] Medium 

[ ] Low 


  • Threat Context (malware, campaign, threat actor, vulnerability, TTPs):

Please provide as much context as possible around these IOCs including malware name, campaign or incident details, CVE identifier, threat actor attribution or MITRE ATT&CK TTPs  (if applicable).


  • Cyber Kill Chain:

[ ] Reconnaissance

[ ] Weaponization

[ ] Delivery

[ ] Exploitation

[ ] Installation

[ ] Command & Control

[ ] Action on Objectives